I Promise I'll Find You

I’ve had a few requests for weekly book recommendations so here’s my first one! Every Monday on the blog, I’ll highlight a children's or parenting book that I love.

This week you may have seen me already post about this book on Instagram. (If you don’t already, you can follow me there at SmartCookieLA.)  It's been on my mind a lot lately because my boys are bringing it to me constantly to read. They adore it and so do I.

I Promise I’ll Find You by Heather Patricia Ward is a really moving story told in just 11 short rhymes. When I think of this book, I think of rocking Asher to sleep at night as a baby, reading him this story, on the verge of sobbing hysterically. It’s a serious tear-jerker… maybe my new-mommy hormones and emotions were running a little high, but I still tear up often as we read it.

I Promise I'll Find You
By Heather Ward

This book is about an uncomfortable topic, for both kids and adults, because it’s about a child who is lost. However, it’s dealt with in a beautiful way and an appropriate, reassuring way for kids. When I read this book, Ash always seems to snuggle a little closer to me and hug me a little more tightly. I think the captivating rhymes and beautiful illustrations truly help him understand how deep my love is for him and how committed I am to keeping him safe.

Throughout the book’s illustrations, a little boy is hidden on nearly every page. Both of my boys love hunting for him on each page and racing to point him out.

To bring a little bit of learning to this book, you may slightly pause before reading each rhyming word. This allows your child to have a little "think time" to fill-in-the-blank, an important pre-reading skill. At first, your child will not say anything, and you should just continue reading after your slight pause. As your child becomes more comfortable with rhyming words or the book, they may start saying the word for you. This is a great step toward learning to read.

Let me know if you read this story with your family! I’d love to hear what your kids think of it, and if you, like me, are sobbing by the last page.