My Many Colored Days

My book recommendation for this week is a Dr. Seuss book, but one you probably haven't heard of: My Many Colored Days.

I love this book for every age, starting with small babies, all the way through upper elementary school. It's illustrations are brightly colored paintings. There aren't many words on each page which makes it appropriate for very young kids, yet the content of the book makes it important for children of all ages.

Each page of the book highlights a different color, comparing the color to an animal. This book is wonderful because it can spur a discussion with your child about feelings - how sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we feel sad, and that's okay!

"Some days are yellow. Some are blue. On different days I'm different too. You'd be surprised how many ways I change on different colored days."

When my kids are having a tough day, we often take out this book and read it, talking about what color our day is. We also talk about what color we hope tomorrow is. If we are having a blue kind of day, sometimes we take out the blue crayons or markers and make a drawing of how we're feeling.

I hope that this book helps you talk through feelings with your child, and that it's brightly colored paintings help you get over those "blue days" a little more quickly.

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