Do you have a toddler who doesn't listen? Here's WHAT to do and WHY!

Did you know that when your baby is born they literally think that they are the same person as you? It isn’t until about 7 months that your baby will realize that she is a separate person.

This is why separation anxiety tends to peak between 7-12 months. I mean… just imagine what your baby is experiencing. She’s just figured out that you’re a different person and now you’re going to just up and leave??

No, thank you.

Your toddler or preschooler will spend years forging their sense of identity: figuring out who they are (separate from you!), testing limits, making decisions, and exerting their independence.

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Saying "NO!" to your kids all the time?? Try THIS instead!

Raising a toddler and a preschooler, both very active, curious, and fearless, I sometimes feel like my entire day is filled with moment after moment of trying to prevent my kids from causing great harm to themselves. Or one another. Or our home.

But it’s SO exhausting and deflating when you feel like your whole day is spent setting limits for your kids, stopping them from having fun, preventing them from exploring. Not only does it feel bad to have days where you’re that parent full of "NOs", it’s not effective.

Our kids’ behavior does not get better as we point out all of the things they can’t do. It gets worse.

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5 parenting tips everyone should steal from Daniel Tiger

Okay, so maybe I haven’t learned EVERYTHING I know about parenting by watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. I’ve worked in education for years, have read lots of books and research about children and parenting, have degrees in Psychology, Child Development, and Education, and have been surrounded by a lot of fantastic mommies (my team of “mommy mentors” – including my own wonderful mama), my whole life.

However, with all of this education and background in working with children, I can say with confidence that Daniel Tiger is a really fantastic show. Nobody is paying me to say this, I promise. Although you know where to find me, PBS. ;) I love the show because it makes my job as a mom easier.

And I don't mean because it gives me 25 free minutes, although that helps.

I'm talking about the lessons taught in the show: the songs, the social strategies, the communication techniques. Although my son hasn’t watched the show in over a year, he continues to use the strategies that he learned from Daniel Tiger on a daily basis. And so do I.

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